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King & Queen County VA is primarily a rural area and its population has remained more or less constant over the years. It is estimated that the county has roughly 6,000 residents. As younger generations emerge, they tend to migrate to more urban areas as they do not have the land ties that the older generations have. Since there is a strong natural resource base, new industries are taking hold. Climate and a high quality of life have provided the opportunity for change. Other than agricultural industries, King and Queen County VA also boast a rich gravel and san mining industry as well as potting soil.

Residents of King and Queen County find themselves in a richly-forested landscape interspersed with wide open fields interrupted by the occasional winding road following a creek or stream. The native hardwoods have given way to pine forests which gives the area beautiful landscapes and the local economy has responded being a leader in pulp product production.

In addition to pulp product production, agriculture plays an important role in the local economy. Though the cattle and pork industries only make up a small percentage of the overall ag industry, crops such as soybeans, corn, wheat, barley and cotton have flourished.

Agriculture is equally important to the local economy. A variety of crops are grown, including wheat, barley, soybeans, corn, hay, and—a return to the cultivated landscape—cotton. Smaller operators are turning to fresh market, organically grown crops such as berries and vegetables, a trend welcomed by area residents. Cattle and swine operations continue to make up a small percentage of the overall farm trade.

As King & Queen County VA continues to evolve, there are other opportunities for business in water based industries as well as in recreation tourism in hunting, fishing, and the outdoors.

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